Entertainment / Online Gaming Retailer

  • This site dominated the competition in a competitive industry where visuals are key.
  • These pages are soaked in powerful SEO coding and social tie ins to draw the most traffic.
  • We collaborate and come up with unique Marketing Strategies that work. We tailor our solutions to you, based off your audiences behavior.
  • Marketing is the key to a healthy company. We work with you to create new and intriguing options which help you get noticed.
  • Social Media is a huge phenomenon, but when handled properly we can harness it into a powerful form of marketing.

Result we delivered

Customer Growth

During the first year of marketing we were able to increase this clients email marketing database dramatically. This improved their ability to target existing customers for additional sales.

Customer Growth 153%

Traffic Improvement

This client’s ecommerce site was not converting. With some specific User Interface adjustments we upped conversion and reduced the bounce rate from 80% to 25%.

Bounce Rate Down 50%+

Social Engagement

We took the reigns of this client’s social media network to deliver a huge boost in engagement. In a few short months we had more and more people talking about them.

Facebook Likes Up 130%

eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This client is an industry pioneer in miniature painting services. They approached us for help to promote their services and their eCommerce site. They engaged us for marketing, social and design services, as well as eCommerce management of their store.

When they approached us, their eCommerce store had a bounce rate of more than 80%. Delirium did a review of the site and made several high level design and UI updates. Within 3 weeks the bounce rate dropped by more than 50%. The bounce rate on the site has remained in the low 20%’s ever since.

Delirium consistently delivers outstanding marketing material, but the good looks are just the tip of the iceberg.  They are able to help develop and execute projects for my eCommerce store and beyond; which help my business run smoothly and grow…

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We employ a variety of marketing tactics for this client. We actively grow their audience with support on Email Marketing, Social Marketing and Onsite Marketing. We also help to manage the flow of traffic on both their brand site and the eCommerce store.

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