eCommerce & Marketing, Online Gaming Retailer

  • This site dominated the competition in a competitive industry where visuals are key.
  • These pages are soaked in powerful SEO coding and social tie ins to draw the most traffic.
  • We collaborate and come up with unique Marketing Strategies that work. We tailor our solutions to you, based off your audiences behavior.
  • Marketing is the key to a healthy company. We work with you to create new and intriguing options which help you get noticed.
  • Social Media is a huge phenomenon, but when handled properly we can harness it into a powerful form of marketing.

Result we delivered

Database Growth

This client’s database growth rate prior to our work was 10% annually. In just 1 year we grew the database at a rate of 210%; from 23,000 to 50,000+ subscribers. That database has grown to become a steady and significant revenue stream which had been previously unexplored

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Social Pulse

When we started our social campaign this client had 3,000 Likes with a growth rate of approximately 84 Likes per month. Our promotion grew the audience by 1,200 in one month to a total of 4,200. Since then, the client’s Likes grow naturally at a rate of around 160 per month.

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Traffic Increase

  • Site Traffic at launch in September, 2011: 3,200 visitors daily
  • Site Traffic, March 2013: 9,400 visitors daily
  • Traffic Increase: 290% in less than a year.

Interested in your own solution?

eCommerce Solutions, Database Development & Marketing Strategy

This eCommerce client approached us for a full site re-design and supporting marketing assets to support the new site. Featuring over 20,000 products, and immense customization, this complex project took a lot of innovative development. On the front end we provided a unique well received web design which was took the audience heavily into account. Behind the scenes we created a massive database with a dizzying number or requirements. We developed multiple uniquely coded solutions for business operations integration with the new site. We set up a powerful advertisement system and style guide for the client to work with in house. We provided long term maintenance, support, and peace of mind through launch and many milestones of growth.