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Result we delivered

Healthy Website, Happy Owner

When we met this client, their website was not getting the attention it deserved. There were broken images, slow loading sections, and generally poor performance. We worked with the client to transform their site into something they could be proud to refer customers to.

Mobile Awareness

We recognized this client was in an industry where people need to get things done on the move. With a main audience of contractors out in the field, it was vital for this client to have a mobile friendly website. The result was something that this client could use to show off their products where their customers were most, in the field and on the job.

Branding and Website Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Photography

When we met the owner of this company he was very upset with his web presence. It didn’t represent his brand, and the company who was managing his site was frustrating him to no end by not getting updates done in a timely fashion and allowing things to break and not get fixed. The result was a site that left him frustrated and leery of taking his company to the next step online.

We met with the client and helped to develop a website that would do justice to his unique products and services. We came out and helped put together some professional photos of his products to help show them off better online.

“Upon a personal recommendation made to us, we asked Rick & the folks at Delirium to take a stab at re-doing our company website. We were disappointed in the lack of performance / interest with the previous agency, so we did not have high expectations.”

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The end result was a mobile friendly website that represents his brand and industry the way he wants them to. He now has a powerful business tool, which he used to show off his product line in the field to contractors, and a place to drive interested parties for more information and follow up.