Public Safety Technology for Schools and Law Enforcement

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Result we delivered

Comprehensive Branding

This client dreams big. They intend to scale and add more apps as they grow, and needed a flexible and dynamic brand identity to accommodate that end. We developed a look and feel that has proven to be flexible across many marketing channels and has transitioned into their other endeavors seamlessly.

Start-Up Support

This client was a start up company with little experience in the digital world or with marketing. We were able to get in with them on the ground level and help make strategic decisions with them that helped to strengthen their company and spread their message.

They have grown significantly and their online presence is a huge part of their success as a tech company.

Branding and Website Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This Company takes child safety very seriously. As the creators of the first “School Shooting Panic Button” App, they needed to get noticed, catch the public eye and tell the world their mission. We were asked to develop a brand identity for them with that goal in mind. We produced a series of logos for their various apps, print branding and tradeshow displays. We designed the look and feel of the user interface for the app itself.

As a tech company who produces apps, they needed to have a great web platform in order to grow. We worked to develop a mobile friendly website to act as a funnel for their various products so people could get to the site and easily find what they are looking for.

“Delirium came to us highly recommended, and they did not disappoint. Our website and print media are outstanding! However, what I appreciate most was that the invoice was right on target.”

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From a marketing perspective we have also put together series’ of articles, social networking events and raffles to help drive awareness and get the buzz going. When they are in the news for their great work we maximize on that and ensure they get the most coverage possible.