Industrial Design / Manufacturing

  • Clean, informative web design
  • Responsive Designs beautiful on Mac, Tablet, iPhone and more
  • Cohesive advertisement campaigns for the homepage
  • Engaging Social Ads to draw in customers
  • Logo & Branding design for corporate identity
  • before and after OMS

Result we delivered

A Business Tool

We took an outdated and broken site, and turned it into a visually appealing business tool that this client is very proud of. The site helps to drive traffic specific to their industry to their sales team to increase business. In the year since launch, form contacts from the website have increased dramatically.

Form Contacts Up 1000%

Paid Success

Since taking over this client’s Pay Per Click account we have been able to increase clicks, create longer time on site and reduced click costs.

PPC Clicks Up 130%+

Industry Specific

This client had some pretty specific needs. We listened and created pretty specific solutions. It’s important to consider a website as more then a brochure. We have developed several tools that allow this client to get more from their website than complements.

Branding, Website Development and Ongoing Digital Marketing

This client’s website was not working for them. They had an outdated site that, after review; we discovered was not even firing form entries properly. Basically, the site was not doing its job and providing value for this long established company. The Delirium team believes that your website should be a powerful business tool, as well as a well-designed representation of a company’s look and feel.

We put together a powerful site that helps to drive traffic to this company and attract new employees. We have developed several business tools that help ensure the site functions as a vital member of the team. From online application forms to part reorder forms, the site now works long after the day is done to ensure success in the digital world.

Upon creation of this site, we engaged them in a digital marketing plan custom suited to their needs. We regularly create content on site to help explain the products and expand awareness. We manage a social marketing campaign for them on Twitter & Facebook. We also manage their Pay Per Click Campaign. The site boasts an impressive 80% New User Ratio thanks to that work. .