Public Safety Technology and Training for Organizations

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  •  Operation SafeGuard Slides
  •  Operation SafeGuard Slides
  •  Operation SafeGuard Slides

Result we delivered

Revisited Look and Feel

This client approached us with a very out dated design and confusing web presence. We listened to the client’s goals, and review the site to distill down the important information. We were able to come back them with a much cleaner design that they felt confident in as a marketing tool. Today they are able to show off their services and proudly direct potential clients to their site without fear. .

Social Presence

This client wanted to be socially engaging with their target audience. We devised a social marketing strategy that suited their needs and appealed to their target audience. We helped them learn how to manage a social marketing campaign with confidence, but still step in as needed for consulting on vital initiatives.

Branding and Website Development, Search Engine Optimization

This client is in the business of helping ensure people are save. They needed a brand that could support that end goal. The group teaches offices / groups how to survive the unthinkable, an active shooting situation. The group is made up of retired and active police that give people the basics to surviving the worst case scenario.

“Delirium has assisted us with not only outstanding web design but marketing ideas that have been fruitful. We have been impressed with the design, suggestions, “out of the box” creative thinking and overall all outcome of our websites Delirium has developed.”

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To that end the site needed to have a specific look. Clean, crisp and no nonsense. The site needed to be professional and easy to use. The existing site the client had simply did not cut it. We stepped up and re-envisioned the clients brand. We put together a powerful online experience that would allow them to educate users on the dangers of a shooter at work and open the door for concerned employers to help empower their workers to stay safe and survive should the worst ever happen.

In addition to a new site we armed this client with all the print materials and social marketing tactics they would need to succeed online.