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Result we delivered

Intranet Solution

We developed a powerful backend area where this company’s management team can direct the efforts of their large team through their site. Here they have a place to communicate across the country instantly with their community and staff. This area allows the team to get work done on the fly being mobile responsive. This area has many custom built features that tackle specific problems this company was facing.

App Connection

This organization has a wide audience of people to stay connected with. Specifically college aged, tech savvy, students. They need to be kept in the loop by being able to access their weekly menus, request late plates if they will be late for a meal, and leave valuable feedback on their service for the management to review. This custom app truly helps this company be aware of their audience and their needs.

Streamlined Processes

We listened to this client and uncovered many issues with their processes. They have over 100 chefs submitting menus and budget information on a weekly basis. This information was coming to them in a wide variety of confusing formats. The result was a management group bogged down by busy work. We built several solutions into their intranet system that streamlined the intake of information and formatted it in such a way that the management team was able to get back to what they do best, saving countless hours and dollars for our client.

Mobile App Development, Custom Web Development & Employee Intranet Portal

This Company is a fast growing service provider in an expanding industry, specifically Food Service to Greek College Communities. They had several pains when we were introduced to them. The first was that they were trying to develop a system to help streamline incoming data from their workforce to a handful of supervisors. With over 100 chefs across the country submitting things like menus, budgets and receipts for goods purchased, the amount of information being handled was staggeringly difficult for a handful of supervisors to keep up with.

What’s worse is that while their chefs were amazing at whipping up the culinary delights their students demanded, they were not all so technically savvy. Some would send menus in spreadsheets but text doc menus, email text menus… and a few that wrote it down and sent pictures. That situation left their supervisors swamped and the chefs frustrated.

The other issue they had was a need to be more connected to their students. In a digital world, they were still posting menus on the walls outside the house dining room and they felt like they were missing an opportunity.

“When we contacted Delirium about needing a fresh perspective on an intranet solution for our organization, it was 5 months into another solution which we were quickly realizing was not meeting our needs and wasn’t doing so at a snails pace.”

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We met with them and put together a plan together to solve both issues. This help the chefs and supervisors communicate better; we set up a password-protected intranet where the team would be able to communicate with itself easily. Next we built an online intake solution for budget data that let the chefs enter their data in a streamlined way, at the same time allowing the supervisors to pull that data from the system in a format which was ideal for further uses. We put together training videos to help ensure the chefs had an easy time of things. The system was also set up so the supervisors could push individual messages and slides to their teams, and the admin to push messages to the entire team. We even built in an area where chefs could swap recipes and give each other different takes on ideas to help keep things fresh.

On the student side of things we developed a sophisticated app for the Apple and Android stores. The students would download the app at the start of the school year and gain access to their house through a unique pin number. Once logged in they would fill out any allergy requirements they needed to express to the chefs which would be stored in the chefs internet. Within the app the students have the ability to talk to the chef and other members of their house about the food. They have the ability to rate their meals and provide vital quality feedback to the team. Students can request late plates if they are unable to attend a meal, and even submit pictures of there meals when the client wants to trigger a social event of raffle. Most importantly however the students are able to view their menus for the current week and next week to get their mouths watering! To facilitate this, we created an easy to use interface on the chef intranet side where they are able to fill out a menu, including some extra info about dietary notes, and once they are finished the information pushed to the apps in the students hands.

In the end we were able to provide a solution that saved many man hours of extra effort on the supervisors side and greatly streamline the intake of information vital to the company from the chefs. The connection of the intranet and the app allows our client to provide a level of customer service and connection with their audience they never thought possible.

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