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Result we delivered

Conversion Strategy

After producing a fully branded web site as well as an eCommerce site, we focused our efforts on converting visitors for this client through SEO and onsite marketing. The results were dialed in traffic and continual success through a conversion focused website.

SEO Bounce Rate Below 5%

Ranking Power

We listened to this client’s audience and helped to develop an SEO strategy that works. Through careful research and SEO efforts, we have been able to help this client out rank much larger clinics in Google. We targeted several key phrases and have helped this client rank on the first page of Google repeatedly.

Google Rank #1 for 10+ Terms

Email Marketing

Email marketing was an unknown to this client. We set out with a starting list they provided to add more value to this clients online presence with focused email marketing. They constantly see click through rates of 30%+, and their email database continues to grow.

Email Database Up 710%+

Branding, Website and eCommerce Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Email & Social Media Marketing

This doctor’s office does things differently, and she needed a website to show off her skills and help to create a community around her work. When we met this client they had a typical outdated website that was not keeping up with the modern web. No Search Engine Optimization, Not Mobile Friendly, and a boring design. We started by helping reinvent her brand, focused on a most uplifting and healthy look to reflect what she does.

We put together their new mobile website, printed cards & stationary, trade show display assets and even the labels for their line of supplements. We also built them an eCommerce store to help show off those supplements and more to sell to her audience. They were thrilled with the new look and feel, but even happier with the success that came after!

“The prospect of developing a comprehensive website, logo and branding was truly overwhelming for me. The Delirium team delivered and made it happen. I had a concept of what I wanted to put out there and they were outstanding in achieving more than I imagined. They were upbeat, creative, patient and skilled in the process of refining the product until we had a site and look that reflects my business and philosophy.”

Read Full Testimonial Here

Once the sites were live, we began actively doing online marketing for the clinic. Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management just to name a few of the services we provide. We have helped them to grow an email database and community of loyal followers. We cultivate that audience with a variety of tactics including auto responder campaigns and free downloads of important information for added value.

With a focus on SEO we were able to over take their main competitors for the terms that mattered to them and have them ranking number one on their most important terms… even above some places in the area that use those terms in their names!