Nonprofit / Church and School / Education

  • Clean, religious themed design
  • St Louis church theme website and religious content
  • Gorgeous Christian themed graphics and advertisements
  • Lutheran School website and content
  • Clean educational design for a religious school
  • Excellent design and advertisements for education

Result we delivered

In House Control

This organization has serous issues with control of their website. They didn’t know who had control of what and how to log into their site and make adjustments. We helped them to take control of their digital presence and succeed online.

Multi-Site Setup

This organization was two sided, with both a church and a school. Each needed different attention and identity. We developed sites for each which were similarly branded but unique in their execution to help users identify which side of the organization they were working with.

Brand Identity and Website Design

This project was a two-fold site design, which needed to create a unified look and feel on the web. This was a site for the church and another site for the supporting school, each with different needs and goals. Separate but equal was the approach we took here. Once we had a design mocked up that the client loved, we then reskinned that design to match the schools set of colors and requirements. The end result was two sites, which share a common design, but are divided by color to easily determine which side you are on.

The church site required a vast amount of data to be collected and organized to retrieval on the site, and well as ways to get the word out to the congregation on a regular basis. We tied in with an existing Google Calendar account to utilize tools already familiar to the client, and also set up the site on a CMS for emergency edits and updates.

The school site needed to be utilized in a more demanding fashion. In addition to a wealth of information which needed to be given to parents, the site also features sections for each classroom and teacher to tailor and customize with extra credit work, coloring sheet downloads, etc. In addition, the site also has the ability to take registration information and several forms which parents must fill out, all on line.

Both sites feature powerful SEO coding and content to help them rise in their respective rankings. Both sites have been vital tools to the organizations audience, both internal and external. The sites are able to help draw attention from new viewers and help existing viewers come back again and again. Online tests and intranet tools help to keep things running smoothly year after year.