Not for Profit / Education

  • Powerful, Coordinated Print Brochures
  • Powerful, Coordinated Print Brochures
  • Eye-Catching Icons

Result we delivered

Increased Engagement

This event is the culmination of a years work for this client, and has been growing in attendance and recognition for many years. It was important that this great event be properly portrayed and publicized online. Previously this had not happened. We worked with the organization to help promote the event across several channels, resulting in record attendance.

Outstanding Presentation

This group had never been happy with the resulting look and feel of their event material. While informational they felt it very plain. We took control of the design direction, put together a strong look, and unified it across a myriad of printed assets. The result was a look that the client was very proud to call their own, and a memorable experience for those who attended the event.

Event Design Coordination and Printed Materials

This event is the culmination of an entire year of efforts to empower Latino youth. As such it needed to be a visual testament to the quality of the work USHLI does. As such we created an elegant theme to showcase things.

This project required a wide variety of printed assets and coordination with many sources. eBlasts and advertisements went out ahead of time to help drive interest along with social discussions and notifications. Information to support the initial awareness of the event was constantly supported on the website. T he event itself required tickets for specific meetings and meals, a large program book, smaller supporting booklets, brochures and info sheets. Invitations and on location signage were created to help provide rich visual support to all the conference gatherings and activities.

These assets had an extremely tight deadline to get done with a late finalization date for incoming ads and content. We executed this project in a timely manner and provided the client with constant support through out the process. Several unforeseen complications arose on both ends and were meet by our team with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Last minute changes saw us working late hours and weekend to ensure things went off without a hitch.

The result was a great success with USHLI’s 31st National Conference hitting record-breaking numbers for attendance and turn out to the activities. The event assets came out beautifully and helped to lend a real sense of professionalism and character to the information.