Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC advertising allows you to reach new customers in a trackable manner. We can help you to generate a campaign that is dialed in to your business goals and target audience.

  • Create multiple campaigns to target different groups and measure the results
  • Dial in and refine these campaigns over time to get the most from your ad dollars
  • Attract new customers regardless of your ad budget and watch your business grow!
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Pey Per Click brings new customers to your website, Delirium knows which words to target to get you noticed!

PPC is a powerful addition to an advertising campaign, which allows you to track and measure your success.

Pay Per Click advertising is a powerful way to gain a larger audience with any budget. You can use as little or as much money as you like and scale things up as you see success. If you think you are interested in seeing more customers find you, please review the information below.

We believe in doing things properly and not cutting corners. We start with our Discovery Process to help us identify clients true needs. This helps paint a clear picture of what goals we need to satisfy during your project.

Project Brief
We will define client information and business goals. We review your current online presence and that of your competitors. We work with you to outline a plan that takes the following topics into account.

  • Analytics
  • Budget
  • Business Goals
  • Campaign Login Credentials
  • Audience
  • Geographic Location

PPC Audit
Do you already have an Adwords campaign? If so, we will review your campaign statistics and your landing pages to get an idea of what is working and what is not.

Keyword Research
We do research into what keywords your target audience is using to help dial in your hard earned ad dollars and make them work even harder. We will also look for opportunities to help improve your campaign.

Competitive Analysis
Do you have an idea of what your competitors are doing with Adwords? We will research their campaigns to analysis its strengths and weaknesses in an effort to help uncover more opportunities.

Create a PPC strategy that makes sense for your business and your audience, which clearly outlines the deliverables, and goals we will seek to achieve for you.

Paid Search Strategy
Paid Search and Display ads are powerful, so to should be the landing pages that they drive to for maximum conversion. We will work with you to create manageable budget designed for maximum impact.

Measurement Planning
We will implement short-term and long-term goals and milestones to monitor campaign effectiveness.

Landing pages can make or break a campaign. It’s important to put your best foot forward when someone new hits your website for the first time. A well-crafted landing page will have the desired affect of catching attention and making a user stay on your site to learn more and take action.

Landing Page Wireframing
Wireframe mockups allow us to quickly show you ideas on how to make a page more successful when a visitor hits your site. We will outline calls to action and create a page that converts.

Campaign Setup
We will create or edit a campaign for your organization based off our research to help deliver customers to your door.

Landing Page Implementation
With wireframes in hand we will work to set up stunning landing pages that catch the eye and earn attention from your audience. Those pages will have clear purpose and call-to-actions.

Over time, we will optimize your campaign and maximize it’s value. We make educated changes based off performance of your keywords, copy and landing pages refining each for maximum impact.

Short-Term Adjustments
We will monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and make minor adjustments on a monthly basis to help refine your campaigns for best impact.

Campaign Adjustments
Over time we will review your campaigns in detail and adjust for trends and opportunities that arise as the campaign grows.

We will keep a close eye on your Adwords campaigns results. We monitor things like goals, performance and traffic to update and refine campaign tactics based off solid data.

Monthly Reports
We assess and report back on current goals, site and ad metrics, completed tasks and what’s coming up for the next month to ensure you are in the know

Quarterly Review
This is a more detailed review than the monthly one in which we dig deeper and see what, if any, major changes should be made to your campaign.

Our Tips on How to Create and Manage a Successful PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click Advertising is a fluid thing. Its important to keep on top of your campaigns. It’s the best way to purchase visitors and increase your sites traffic online. Google Adwords is the dominate player in the market place, where you get charged for clicks on your ads. You have likely seen these ads already on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which appear above and below the organic results for the search terms you entered. Your ad will show a searcher the ads title, a description and a link to the desired landing page. Mobile searches account for over 50% of paid search traffic so being mobile friendly in your campaign is a must. Here are some tips to on how to create and manage a Successful PPC Campaign.

Choose the Right Keywords
Much like organic SEO, a Pay Per Click campaign requires time up front analyzing and researching the proper keywords. The right keywords are instrumental to the health and success of a PPC campaign, so it is important to choose the right words for your business. It is best to avoid highly competitive, high priced words and instead focus on words with low competition and a higher search volume. We use the latest and greatest research tools and techniques to find the best keywords for you.

The focus of your campaign should be to get a potential customer to click through to your website. How many times your ad appears is far less important than how many times they are clicked. Ads should be targeted and relevant towards your target audience. 60% of searchers click on a result on the first page of search results making it vital to ensure you are positioned there for maximum impact with strong bids.

Monitor your Competition
If you are having trouble out-performing your competition, there is likely a good reason why. The best way to examine your competition is to use software to analyze their campaigns and keyword usage. Start by studying your competitors’ ad text and focus on the best performing ads they have.

Online marketing can be mind boggling, and it is vital to become more competitive all the time. With proper research and execution, a business can uncover the best opportunities in their market and act upon them. This will lead to increased traffic and an improved bottom line.

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