Search Engine Optimization

Attract visitors to your site like moths to a flame. Gain higher search rankings with high value keywords and tags.

  • Start with an audit of your SEO needs, including a competition review, keyword research and a site evaluation
  • Build a plan of action which has a clear path to success
  • Goal oriented focus for driven results
  • Comprehensive on-page optimization and link building to increase rankings
  • Landing page creation and keyword optimization
  • Monthly repeat content marketing increases ranking growth
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Search Engine Optimization helps people find your business on the web, Let Delirium

SEO helps you target keywords and phrases that your viewers are searching for

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tactic in any marketing strategy online. By understanding solid SEO principles, Delirium will help you generate higher value clicks.

H.I.T.S. – “How Idiots Track Success”

We have all seen offers like “Drive more traffic to your website!”… but what does that matter if it’s the WRONG traffic? Many companies will engage clients in “SEO” with the expressed goal of simply driving more traffic. But how is that done? There are a lot of sites out there that will drive large amounts of traffic to your site, for a fee, through mass linking campaigns. These are typically bad links, and offer little in the way of value.

The proof is in the details. While you might see an increase in traffic from such endeavors you will also see your bounce rates, or the amount of people who leave your site immediately, skyrocket. Simply driving traffic from mass click schemes is not a recipe for success, but a waste of your ad dollars. The number of hits you get is far less important than the quality of those hits. The goal of Search Engine Optimization should be to drive the right person, to the right page. This will result in better quality visitors who are interested in your content and the value you provide, and who are more likely to convert to a customer or loyal follower.

Our Proven SEO Process

An SEO process that ensures your business gets noticed by your target audience

Don’t waste time on rash strategies. We spent time researching your customers, industry and market to provide maximum value. We will help you map out a clear path to success by understanding your and satisfying your audience’s true needs.

Project Brief
Identify your customer’s goals in order to uncover all the information you need for a solid Search Engine Optimization Plan. Be sure you have a solid understanding of exactly who your customer is and what they want from you.

Research Keywords
Find keywords used by your target audience in order to deliver higher value content to achieve the goals you need and uncover additional opportunities.

Information Architecture Review
We know what makes content more attractive to search engines. We will review your sites content and UX and provide insight that will help improve your sites performance.

Onsite SEO Audit
We work to understand what you are already implementing to create a baseline for search rankings based off current analytic data and powerful SEO tools.

Competitive Analysis
We will review your competitor’s SEO keywords and strategy and determine new areas of opportunity you may act upon.

Take aim and develop an SEO strategy with defined deliverables based off your important business objectives.

On-site Strategy
Create an all-inclusive plan to guide SEO work on your website. This plan will likely introduce changes to your code and content to optimize both for search engines.

Content Strategy
Your site needs to be bursting with new, relevant content for your audience. We will work with you to create a strategy around this goal. This typically includes articles, SEO campaigns, press releases and social links.

Off-site Strategy
Identify potential external websites and industry influencers to help focus your efforts in relationship and link building. Create third party references and public relation endeavors that help to spread word of your business.

Measurement Results
Measurable goals are vital to your businesses online success. We will work with you to create short-term and long-term goals to evaluate performance.

Upon completion of our discovery work, we will being to implement strategies based off the findings from our Discovery process through collaboration with our clients.

Content Implementation
Execute the plan for content SEO on your site by publishing new content and modifying existing content based off research done on your target keywords, industry research and competition analysis.

Code Implementation
Methodically update and alter your site’s code and SEO tags over time to positively affect your rankings and improve your traffic quality. This tactic focuses on changes to page components such as friendly URLs, title tags, meta data, canonical tags and internal links through your site. We start with the pages of highest value and work our way down from there. This tactic also includes global changes to your site via your robot.txt record, sitemap and Google Analytics account. We also make modifications to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Content Creation
We will collaborate with you to create fresh relevant content for your website, which will be published on a regular basis. That content is then pushed to your audience via a variety of ways including email marketing, social posts and off-site back linking.

Public Relations and Online Reputation Management
Reach a wider audience by publishing your information across a network of online locations. Push out press releases, news and valuable industry information across multiple channels in an effort to increase exposure of your content to a wider audience while at the same time linking back to your website.

Secure Champions and Reach Out To Industry Influencers
We will work with you to identify potential partners and reach out with the goal of publishing content on other sites which link back to your site.

Social Media
Publish your information on relevant social networks and encourage your audience to share and talk about your content and business.

The core of our plan focuses on monitoring and acting upon your website traffic data. We will review campaign performance, KPIs and goals and adjust our strategy based off those findings.

Regular Performance Reports – Monthly
We compile and deliver results for standing goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, objectives achieved and plan for the next month.

In Depth Review – Quarterly
An in-depth comprehensive review of your site statistics, campaign success, strategic goals. The results of this review provide direction for adjustments to the project strategy based on the results achieved.

Sound like a plan you could benefit from?